Bosstown Dynamics, the future of law enforcement

Corridor produced this excellent parody of Boston Dynamics' robots and the style of its promotional videos. It could be the trailer for a new Neill Blomkamp or Paul Verhoeven movie, but where the satire is immediately transformed into stress because there's very little about it that seems unlikely or even beyond the fairly immediate future. — Read the rest

Robot dog now speaks like a proper British butler or sarcastic American douche (video)

Boston Dynamics integrated a variety of AI systems—including ChatGPT with voice recognition—into its Spot robotic dog. In this video, you can hear it speak like a British butler, a snarky American dude, and a teenage girl.

From MSN:

The bot also had some upgrades including image recognition software combined with a "head" sensor that the engineers decorated with hats and googly eyes producing incredibly creepy results.

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Watch robots play football

Before we leap two-footed into this week's malodorous pit of AI sludge (sorry in advance, but I will try and make it short), a brief bit of AI-adjacent future magic for you to enjoy. 'Robots playing football' has, for years now, been a pretty reliable bit of lightweight internet video comedy – look at them stumble! — Read the rest