Fox News has meltdown over Trump indictment in entertaining montage (video)

After news broke that a Manhattan grand jury indicted Donald Trump, Fox News flew into a theatrical tailspin to keep their angry viewers entertained. The mock outrage, denialism, Democrat-shaming, repetitive use of the word "Rubicon," and even puddling "tears" (that only a behind-the-scenes eyedropper could have produced) was spectacular — at least when condensed into 54 seconds, as seen in the video below, created and posted by Kat Abu. — Read the rest

Biden's dementia, belligerent UFOs and Fox News lies, in last week's dubious tabloids

'National Enquirer'

"Joe Biden Dementia Cover-Up Exposed!" screams this week's cover.

It's as if they've taken an old story about Donald Trump and merely changed the names, claiming that the president displays "increasingly bewildered behavior, delusional recollections, frequent disorientation and outright distortion of facts – which are all symptoms of cognitive decline".

How Fox News controls the conversation at every midterm election

One of the contradictions at the heart of mass media journalism is the tension what people think they want to hear about, what's helpful for people to hear about, and what people actually pay attention to. Every journalists loves to assert their objectivity, but at the end of the day, journalists still make decisions about what they do or do not cover, and why. — Read the rest