Wee rusty junkbots for sale

SpratMan makes and sells (on Etsy) adorable rusty junkbots called "Forgotten Robots." He says: "They've been in the factory so long that most have forgotten their names. The original Makers either left or died off long, long ago.

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Junkbot tripod maker needs firmware so he can send his steampunk pirate ship to Burning Man

Andy makes and sells groovy scrap-metal light-up "tripods" that look like aliens; he uses the money to fund an enormous, ambitious steampunk pirate ship for Burning Man. The engineer who formerly provided the firmware for Andy's tripods has pulled out of the project and now he's desperate for technical help:

What we Need:
The physical design requirement for the PCB:
1-1/8″ x 2-1/8″.

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Purdy junkbots from Andrea Petrachi

Junkbot artist Andrea Petrachi has the true gift for conjuring the inner friendly robot from random piles of techno-detritus. A rare and increasingly valuable skill.

Andrea Petrachi

(via Make)

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Junkbots galore!

Dark Roasted Blend has a fantastic roundup of junkbots and other robotic ephemera and goodies. I'm really taken with
Ultrajunk's creations, which really take advantage of the decay and use-marks on his found-object materials to make robots that have a lot of texture and implied history. — Read the rest

Junkbots made from old hard-drives

On Wired's Gadget Lab, a gallery of sculptures made from dead hard-drives made by sysadmin Miguel Rivera, including this wonderful junkbot.

Old Hard Drives Get Sculpted Into Cars, Bikes, Robots

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Vietnamese junkbot builder

17 year old Phan Van Mam 19 year old Vu Van Thang is a prizewinning Vietnamese roboticist who builds beautiful working junkbots from household trash:

– Vu Van Thang, 19, from Thai Binh province has won one of the five top prizes at the National Creativeness Competition for Children and Youth 2009 for his robot made entirely from items found in the trash.

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Kitchen appliance junkbot

Colombian junkbot builder Mario Caicedo Langer made the "PROCTOR SILEX: DEFENDER OF THE KITCHEN" robot out of broken kitchen appliances, noting "when you grow up watching 'Transformers', 'Short Circuit', 'Batteries not included', 'Mazinger Z", 'Festival de los Robots', 'Bots Master', and every TV show and movie with robots, you finish thinking robot!" — Read the rest