MAKE Volume 22: Remote Control

MAKE Volume 22 is on newsstands now! Automate your world with remote control. From pet care to power outlets, from toys to telepresence, we'll show you how to add a joystick, push-button, twist-knob, or timer to just about anything.

Remote control projects in MAKE Volume 22 include:

The Lawnbot400 R/C lawn mower--sit back and enjoy the mow! Kitty Twitty cat toy that tweets (on Twitter) when your cat attacks Automated chicken coop controlled by iPhone Motion-detecting Nikon camera remote Stealthy TV-B-Gone hoodie sweatshirt that turns off TV sets Remote control pet feeder using web chat Solar tracking platform that automatically follows the sun How to hack R/C power outlets--control your whole house from one computer Robots you can control with your mind! (Okay, this one involves a trick, but it's still cool)

In addition, you'll learn how to:

Replace your broken iPhone screen Make the Double Pendulum--a simple project that creates absolute chaos Make fresh cheese from goat's milk Make a monster USB MIDI controller with 8 microphones Extract your own perfumes and essential oils Wind your own electric guitar pickups, and make a Diddley Bow (the primal electric guitar made famous by Jack White of The White Stripes)

Plus, filmmaker and YouTube sensation PES shows how he creates his amazing stop-motion animation; and 8 top hobbyists and industry leaders tell what's hot in Remote Control. What on earth are foamies, Frankensteining, and aqua modeling? Get MAKE Volume 22 and find out.

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BBtv - Star Simpson's fuzzy logic, MacGyver, MIT lasers, and trippy glasses: Maker Faire with Phil Torrone

Make Magazine senior editor Phil Torrone guides us through the wonders of Maker Faire 2008 in San Mateo.

First, we learn about "fuzzy logic," soft electronic circuit components, with Star Simpson -- the 20 year old MIT student arrested for a "fake bomb" at Boston's Logan Airport in 2007 when authorities mistook her interactive LED t-shirt for a terrorist device. Her trial is scheduled for May 23, by the way, so she wasn't able to answer our questions about that ordeal just yet.

Next up, also from MIT -- Ed Baafi introduces us to the fabulous "fab lab," where complex fabrication technologies are made easy.

Then, Phil shows us affordable laser etching to personalize your iPhone or laptop.

Inventor and hacker Mitch Altman demonstrates the "brain machine," a device that stimulates your mind's eye. Mitch also invented TV-B-Gone, a sort of secret kill switch for kills television sets ("the only TV remote you need!").

And Lee Zlotoff, the creator of TV's MacGyver reveals plans for a MacGyver film project.

Link to Boing Boing tv episode, with discussion and downloadable video. Read the rest

Brain machine how-to video

MAKE's Bre Pettis has a video about making a sound-and-light brain machine (which is featured in Make, vol. 10)

This weekend, learn how to hack your brain by making Mitch Altman's Brain Machine! It flashes LEDs into your eyes and beeps sounds into your ears to make your brain waves sync up into beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves!

Mitch invents cool things that make the world a better place. He's well known for the TV-B-GONE and this brain machine is his latest project. One of the cool things about this project, is that it builds on an open source project. Mitch used Lady Ada's open source MiniPOV and switched out LEDs and added new capacitors and resistors and then rewrote the firmware to make it into the brain machine. It's super cool when people make hardware open source so that others can work with it!

Link | Link to PDF file of how-to article Read the rest

Berlin hacker fest talks include Apple FileVault analysis

Jacob Appelbaum updates us on what's happening at the annual Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin this week:

Ralf-Philipp Weinmann and I (with special guest hacker David Hulton) will be giving our talk "Unlocking FileVault - An analysis of Apple's encrypted disk storage system" ( Link )

Stream the video from Saal 1 at 11:30AM CET on December 29th (today!) in mp4, wmv, ogg video and ogg audio format.

Check out the CCC wiki for general streaming information at the 23c3.

If you're interested in FileVault ( Link ) this talk will present information never previously discussed.

A code release with slides will be available here after the talk is finished: Link.

I also wanted to send some other links of talks that are coming up at the congress... These are going to be amazing!

* Amit Singh - Software Protection and the TPM ( Link ) * Thierry Zoller & Kevin Finistere - Bluetooth Hacking Revisited ( Link ) * George Danezis - An Introduction to Traffic Analysis ( Link ) * Lawrence Lessig - On Free, and the Differences between Culture and Code ( Link ) * Luis Miras - Automated Exploit Detection in Binaries ( Link ) * Tina Lorenz - Pornography and Technology ( Link ) * Johannes Grenzfurthner - "We are great together, the liberal society and its enemies!" ( Link ) * Mitch Altman - TV-B-Gone ( Link ) * Fox Magrathea & Autumn Tyr-Salvia - Culture Jamming & Discordianism ( Link )

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E3 snapshots by Sean Bonner

More E3 snaps -- this batch from Sean Bonner. Shown here, a nifty gizmo called "TV-BE-GONE," which Lazlow (another member of our roaming nerd posse) was using to turn off all the display monitors inside the Convention Center. ROFL.

Link to photo set.

Previously: E3 Snapshots for NPR by Jake Appelbaum, and here's Mark's post about TV-B-Gone (Thanks, Pesco!). Read the rest

Video of TV-B-Gone in action

Phillip Torrone sez: TV-B-Gone is a device that reports to turn off virtually all TVs, and so far in our tests, it's knocked out anything we've pointed at it. Of course that wasn't good enough, we're recording the IR signals and putting it on iPod with a sound to IR converter, that way we can play "tv off" all the time and turn off TVs wherever we go, always. Link Read the rest

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