Zahra's Paradise: graphic novel about Iranian uprising is a story and a history

Zahra's Paradise, a new book from FirstSecond, collects in one volume the serialized (and brilliant) webcomic, written by two pseudonymous Iranian dissidents. It's the gripping story of a Medhi, a young man kidnapped by Iran's secret police during the election-season demonstrations of 2009, and it is a heart-rending tale of loss, hope, technology, revolution, politics, bravery and resilience. — Read the rest

Tune: sfnal rom-com webcomic

Derek Kirk Kim and LesMcClaine relaunched the Tune webcomic today. Gina from publisher FirstSecond writes, "Tune is a sci-fi slice-of-life romantic comedy adventure of interdimensional proportions. When art school drop-out Andy Go resigns himself to a lackluster day job, he unknowingly corners himself into a life of incarceration. — Read the rest

Iran rebellion webcomic enters the secret prison

Gina from FirstSecond books sez,

Following Iran's 2009 elections, thousands of people took the streets in protest. An as-yet-unknown number of these protesters were arrested and taken off the grid, removed from the system, and many of them still cannot be found, despite continual inquiries from family, friends, and compatriots.

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The Photographer: gripping graphic memoir about doctors in Soviet Afghanistan, accompanied by brilliant photos

FirstSecond, one of the great literary comics presses of the modern world, has topped itself with The Photographer: Into war-torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders, a collaboration between photographer Didier Lefevre, graphic novelist Emmanuel Guibert, and designer Frederic Lemercier.

The book is the memoir of Didier, a photographer who accompanied a caravan of Medecins Sans Frontiers doctors into war-torn Afghanistan to staff a clinic in the middle of the Soviet-Mujahideen war. — Read the rest

Adventures in Cartooning: wit and instruction for kids who want to learn cartooning

Adventures in Cartooning is a comic that tells the story of an elf who teaches a kid how to draw comics — a kind of Understanding Comics for kids. It's incredibly charming and full of sly wit, and the combination of the story (and there is a real story here) and the instruction is perfect inasmuch as the story illuminates the techniques in the construction. — Read the rest