Click on the game above to give it focus, then press any key to start your adventure.

Move and attack with the ARROW KEYS. Once MAGIC is acquired, hit SPACE to use it. Top corner pixels indicate HEALTH and MAGIC.

Find 16 GOLD ARTIFACTS and the KEY to gain access to the ISLAND FORTRESS.

Dungeon entrances are RED. Monsters are BROWN and PURPLE. Items are CYAN. Fountains are BLUE. Open WHITE gates with GRAY pressure pads.

Find the SWORD, SHIELD and BOAT. Also, the PUB.


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The Cavern of Boing

Are you strong enough to TAKE the MCGUFFIN? The world needs you, HERO!

The KINGDOM of NAME is in STRIFE and BADTHINGS DOBADTHINGS. Search for the Sword of WHAT in the forest of WHAT. Locate the Shield of WHAT in the tomb of WHAT. Collect the 16 GOLDS and find the KEY to unlock the secret of ISLAND FORTRESS, where the evil BADDIE gathers forces for the final attack.

Enter a world of EMOTION1 and EMOTION2 with GAME NAME, the most gruelling and challenging game of 1978. Remember, hero: BADDIE threatens to DESTROY the world!

By Rob Beschizza. Source code. Sounds created with CFXR/SFXR. Random thumbnails are mostly from Dragon Magazine covers, with strong contingents from Rowena Morrill and Larry Elmore.