Funny real-life recreation of a Disney cartoon scene

I've never heard of the Disney animated feature Fun and Fancy Free. It's from 1947 and stars Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, and Goofy. (It is also the last Disney cartoon in which Walt himself voiced Mickey) Above, as seen in which Mickey Mouse Goofy and Donald duck have barely any food so they must split one slice of bread and one bean among the three of them.

Below, someone re-created the scene in real life:

Mickey mouse and friends, IRL from r/combinedgifs

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"How to Behave in a British Pub" -- 1943 film for U.S. soldiers

Burgess Meredith stars in this 1943 film produced by the United States Office of War Information to teach U.S. soldiers how to conform to the customs of British pubs. The film has an "Ugly American" type soldier doing all the wrong things while a uniformed Meredith shakes his head in shame.

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Great movies to watch: Pretty much anything from Preston Sturges

One of my favorite filmmakers has always been Preston Sturges. I call him the Judd Apatow of the 1940s. He was Hollywood's first writer/director and his films are truly memorable (and entertaining) in a time when we all need a little more comedy in our lives. Read the rest

This British gent lives life like it's the 1940s

The "good ol' days" are right now for Ben Sansum, a dapper British man in his late thirties who lives life like it's 1946.

The BBC wrote in the description of this 2014 video, "His clothes, his house, the music he listens to - all come from an era before he was even born."

His one guilty concession? A small modern fridge.

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