Sinclair Broadcasting aired a follow-up to the debunked "Plandemic" conspiracy theory

Sinclair Broadcasting, the massively influential right-wing media conglomerate that cleverly buys up TV stations in local markets in order to push conservative propaganda, plans to push a national news segment featuring a video with Judy Mikovits, the woman behind the quickly-popularized but swiftly-debunked Plandemic YouTube conspiracy theory. Media Matters was first to report: Baseless conspiracy theories […]

The Lincoln Project defends Dr. Fauci: "Who do you trust? Donald the dope, or the doctor?"

While the White House launches its smear campaign against Dr. Fauci, The Lincoln Project churns out another great anti-Trump ad to set things straight. The ad starts by reminding us that Dr. Fauci has worked for six presidents, including President H.W. Bush, who praised Dr. Fauci as an American hero during the fight against AIDS. […]