How to draw natural history specimens

In this segment from the 1980s Australian television program Curiosity Show, the host shows you how to make accurate drawings of natural history specimens using graph paper. You place the specimen (in this case, a spider) on a piece of graph paper. Then you use another sheet of graph paper to draw the spider, using the grids as a guide. You can use enlarged graph paper to make a larger-than-life drawing of the specimen, as the host does here. Read the rest

Drawing tutorial: how to shade with a pencil

Illustrator Mark Crilley (who has an excellent YouTube drawing tutorial channel) shows you three different ways to shade an egg. It's the most exciting 18-minute video you'll find on YouTube, I guarantee it. Read the rest

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix, featuring "Hi, Robot"!

If you visit the TOM THE DANCING BUG WEBSITE, you might find daily doses of classic (i.e., old) Super-Fun-Pak Comix. Or, if you're a certain kind of person, you could follow RUBEN BOLLING on TWITTER. Read the rest