Listen to Whitney Houston's incredible isolated vocals for "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"

Whitney Houston's 1987 megahit "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" is even better sans synths and drum machine. Read the rest

Donna Summer sings "Bad Girls" a capella

Enjoy disco diva Donna Summer's incredible isolated vocal track from "Bad Girls" (1979). Toot toot, beep BEEP. The song is about sex work and the police. From Gavin Edwards' book "Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton’s Little John?":

“I was in my office in the old Casablanca [records] building,” Summer told me. “I was the only artist allowed to have an office there -- [Casablanca head] Neil didn’t want me too far away. I sent out my secretary to do something, and the police stopped her on Sunset Boulevard. She was dressed in business attire, but they were trying to pick her up. That ticked me off. All day, I pondered why that would happen to innocent people–and then I developed compassion for the girls working on the street.” And the “toot-toot, beep-beep” that concluded the track? “I figured, what do guys do when they pick up girls? I had to emulate them tooting their horns.”

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Petra Hadens' stunning a capella cover of the Blade Runner theme

Petra Haden is a talented violinist and singer who has performed with everyone from The Decemberists to Victoria Williams to Sunn O))). On her YouTube channel, she also posts really impressive a capella versions of such movie themes as The Exorcist (Tubular Bells), Star Trek: The Original Series, and the theme to the 60s Batman TV show. She's also done a capella covers of Bowie's Life on Mars, King Crimson's Frame by Frame, the Furs' Ghost in You, and other pop and progressive tunes.

Here, she does a seriously beautiful and haunting rendition of the Vangelis Blade Runner theme, complete with Deckard's voice commands as he navigates an image of the replicant Zhora. Read the rest

WATCH: More great a capella covers of classic video game themes

Smooth McGroove and his cat are back with a new set of lovely a capella versions of classic video game theme songs, including Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy X, and Kirby. Read the rest