This 'Addams Family' mansion model is monstrously magnificent

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Be Cousin Itt for Halloween with this hilariously hairy costume

After seeing so much skin with all those "sexy" Halloween costumes, it's nice to see someone has made a costume that covers you up. Like, really covers you up. This $100 "Cousin It" Halloween costume is faux fur from head to toe and includes a synthetic hair-lined bowler hat and a pair of sunglasses. It's coming out just in time for the new animated Addams Family movie on October 10.

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Why else would a grown man play with trains?

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Watch the Addams Family dance to Joy Division

Last year they danced to The Ramones. This year the Addams Family is grooving to Joy Division.

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How Wednesday Addams got her name

In the July 30 issue of The New Yorker, Joan Blake of Southern Pines, North Carolina shares the story of how Wednesday Addams got her name:

It was a pleasure to see a copy of Charles Addams’s painting “An Addams Family Holiday” printed in the magazine (Sketchbook, July 9th & 16th). I met Addams in New York more than fifty years ago. I lived in North Carolina, but had travelled to the city for a court case involving the custody of my children. I was staying with my college roommate, and she threw a large party, which Addams attended. I was so depressed that I sat on the couch all evening. Addams sat down beside me and asked what was wrong. I told him. He took my arm, walked me to the elevator, and took me to P. J. Clarke’s. He made me laugh and told me that the Addams Family was being made into a television show, and that he had no name for the little girl. I said, “Wednesday—Wednesday’s child is full of woe.” And Wednesday became her name.

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Help make this Addams Family LEGO mansion an official set

Back in 2016, LEGO aficionado Hugh Scandrett wasn't able to get his Addams Family mansion replica into review as an official box set because it used 7,000 pieces, which were 4,000 too many according to rules at LEGO Ideas.

His new build uses almost 3,000 pieces and qualifies to be voted for in the crowdsourced portion of the competition. (You might remember seeing the LEGO ship in a bottle that recently won.)

Scandrett's new build is also equally as incredible, with many of the same details as the first.

Here's a top-down look at the mansion's interior on the first level:

And here's the Addams Family as creepy and kooky mini figs:

There are lots more photos of this build over at LEGO Ideas. While you're there, cast your vote for it. It needs 10K votes to get into review and, as of this writing, it's got 4133.

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This LEGO Addams Family Mansion needs to happen

LEGO is reviewing this nifty Addams Family mansion as a possible box set. It even has Morticia on her rattan chair with a black fan. Read the rest

In 1997, Gillian Anderson posed as Morticia Addams

Photographed by Mark Seliger for US Magazine, Ms. Anderson posed as every weirdo's favorite mama. It was hot. Read the rest