How to figure out exactly what kind of glue you need

This to That does one thing: it asks you for the two things you need to stick together, then tells you exactly what sort of glue to use. The next time you need to glue styrofoam to glass, you'll have options! [via Cryptovariable]

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Clean old records with wood glue

Ghettofunk13 demonstrates the old vinyl-lover's trick of deep-cleaning your wax pancakes by spreading the grooves with Titebond II wood glue, waiting for it to dry, and then peeling off the glue-skin and taking all the gunk with it (presumably there is some way of actually playing the music from the intact glue-skin, given sufficiently advanced apparatus). Read the rest

The wonderful features of this roll of brown packaging tape

It is multi-purpose. It is brown. It is tough. It is packaging tape.

Give that copywriter a raise!


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