This BMW R90S has run 240k miles

Moon stuff notwithstanding, this particular bike is just beautiful at nearly a quarter-million miles. This bike is clearly well-loved, and her owner seems chill, like an Airhead should be. Mine has 50,078. Here is yours.

Gabby Giffords rides an airhead

Former U.S. congressperson Gabrielle Giffords pictured with her lovely /5 toaster.

Cycleworld celebrates the iconic BMW R90s

Peter Egan has written a wonderful tribute to my favorite motorcycle of all time, the legendary BMW R90s. The R90s was a hail mary play by BMW. Having realized that their stoic, stolid, black-mit-white motorcycles were boring the shit out of everyone who rode them, BMW decided to build a super bike. What the world […]

For Sale: 1975 BMW R75/6, "likely haunted"

I've had an interesting run with this motorcycle. It is probably haunted, and really doesn't want to go to Los Angeles.