Two airlines made bold choices with their in-flight safety videos: Interpretive dance and RUN-DMC

Airline in-flight safety videos are now more creative than ever.

First case in point: Taiwanese airline EVA Air is using interpretive dance in their safety video, over five long minutes of it. According to the airline's press release, it was choreographed by Bulareyaung Pagarlava, a member of Taiwan's indigenous Paiwan community. They describe the video as "a work of art that’s as captivating as it is informative." Sure.

And, second, here's a brand new one from Air New Zealand. It's got a tune ("It's Kiwi (Safety)") that sounds an awful lot like RUN-DMC's "It's Tricky." Their version was filmed in several New Zealand locales with a cast of 600! It "stars well-known Kiwi actor Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Deadpool2), local musicians Kings, Theia and Randa as well as talent from 30 community groups across the country."

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