Gentleman who tossed buckets on nails on Oregon roads for two years given a 30-day jail sentence

Bret Michael Wilson (57) (aka the "Nighttime Nailer") received a 30-day sentence for criminal mischief and four counts of disorderly conduct after admitting that he had thrown roofing nails onto busy Oregon streets for two years, reports The Oregonian. He will also have to pay $2,000 in restitution and refrain from drinking alcohol.

From the article:

Oregon City police finally arrested Wilson in October after officers who were staking out The Nighttime Nailer saw him chuck fistfuls of nails from his car as he drove along South Center Street before dawn.

After he was nabbed, the suspect copped to scattering the metal spikes numerous times before.

“By Mr. Wilson’s recollection, he has thrown nails over 50 times onto our busy streets over the last couple of years,” police said in a news release at the time.

Wilson’s early morning ritual — always done before sunrise so as to avoid detection — was in response to drivers he felt were rude or had slighted him, Brock said.

“It was his form of anger management. It made him feel better,” Brock said.

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Angry gentleman attempts to run over photographer

UPDATE: "Mark Dwayne Gordon was arrested Sunday and subsequently booked into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, battery and vandalism in connection with the attack Saturday on Rangeland Road, just west of Ramona, sheriff’s Sgt. Rob Samuels said." - Fox local news

A gentleman in a large vehicle took issue with a photography crew standing in his "driveway," and charged at them several times with his vehicle then jumped out to intimidate them.

Here's the photographer's side of the story:

We are on a PUBLIC road in the middle of Ramona, CA. Pretty much empty deserted road by a tiny airport. Five different residents of the area drove by asking if we needed help and weren't bothered by our presence. I didn't provoke the man because there was a really good chance he had a gun in his truck (the police afterward also confirmed this by saying lots of residents carry around there). Also, I said "sir" about 200 times because I was trying to be as polite as possible, even while he was trying to run me over.

Seconds before starting to record the man drove up and said we were shooting on a 'private road' which was false. I told him that we would be out in a few minutes and he yelled "FUCK YOU", that's when I started recording.

At the end of the video, he hits the phone out of my hands and it flies 20ft in the air and lands on the pavement with a broken screen thats all black.

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