Pong beautifully remade as a physical, analog arcade game

The Pong Project brings one of the first arcade video games back into the physical world through ingenious DIY engineering.

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These cute virtual cartridges prove 'retro' is more than an aesthetic

There's a feeling about old arcade games: The weirdness, the mystery, the sense of intimate congress with a machine. You can't imitate that through 'pixel art' alone, and this fun suite of virtual cartridges gets it exactly right. You'll want to collect them all.

Pixelkabinett is a beautiful arcade cabinet

At $4,100, this handmade midcentury-style two-player furnishing is a very expensive limited edition (of fifty). It comes with a 19" LCD display, features a glowing planetarium, and folds down "when not in use."

Most people will likely put in a computer and use it as a MAME machine, but it comes with one Jamma board for purist action.

If the design looks mysteriously familiar, it's because it's the creation of Love Hulten, whose tiny R-Kaid-R graced our pixels last year. [via Uncrate]

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