Kickstarting improvements to Maria Del Camino, a "flying" El Camino with a drilled-out portrait of Metropolis's Maria

My friend and Burning Man campmate Bruce Tomb built the greatest art car I've ever seen: Maria Del Camino, made from the body of a '59 El Camino perforated by thousands of hand-drilled holes, which form a pointillist portrait of Maria, the robot from Metropolis, on the hood; connected via a hydraulic arm to the tanklike body of an industrial grader. Read the rest

Disco trucks of Japan

This is dekotora (デコトラ), the Japanese maker culture that started in the 1970s of tricking out large trucks with garish lights, Gundam-inspired chrome mods, and eyeball-spanking paint jobs. Read the rest

The Mutant Vehicles of Burning Man

Scott London, a longtime burner and photographer (see his 2014 photo book, Burning Man: Art on Fire), produced an amazing set of portraits of art cars -- "mutant vehicles" -- from this year's event, including Maria Del Camino (previously), a flying El Camino/tank hybrid that lives in Liminal Labs, where I camp with its creator, the amazing Bruce Tomb. Read the rest

Photos from Bring Your Own Bigwheel 16

Fill in the registration form and agree to the code of conduct and you can participate in San Francisco's annual Bring Your Own Bigwheel race. Read the rest

CNC'ed half-tone portrait of Einstein created with StippleGen 2

The Evil Mad Scientists bring us some of the work of Bruce Shapiro, who used StippleGen 2 to direct a CNC machine to create this beautiful half-tone portrait of The Mighty Hip Einie.

This reminds me of another Bruce's work. Bruce Tombs is the creator of Maria Del Camino, a 59 El Camino on tank-treads that has an articulated arm that allows the body to ride high above the treads, or display at right angles to them. Maria's hood has been decorated with a half-tone portrait of Maria from Metropolis -- though Tombs and his friends drilled the tens of thousands of holes in the body by hand (a 59 El Camino won't fit in a CNC machine). I camp with Bruce and Maria at Liminal Labs at Burning Man, and riding around in her is a treat beyond words.

CNC Art from StippleGen 2 Read the rest