Artists worldwide to play "hide and seek" with mushroom art for "Game of Shrooms"

Game of Shrooms, that hide-and-seek/scavenger hunt for mushroom-themed art is happening again! It was started last year by Attaboy of Hi-Fructose and was such a huge success that he's doing it again. To play, simply make an art piece inspired by mushrooms and then hide it, leaving clues on its location through your Instagram feed with the hashtag #gameofshrooms. Or, on game day, just go find art other people have hidden. It was supposed to all go down on June 13, but COVID changed that. So now on that date, artists will reveal their intention and location and actually play the game on August 15.

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important announcement about this year’s #GameofShrooms! Because of the current crisis, it’s best to postpone the world wide art show and scavenger hunt a few months. so! On June 13th I’d like to invite all participating artists to Announce their intentions and location so that a global map can be created for all Shroom hunters. On August 15th: The Shroom Drop Happens (where it is safe to do so). It kills me to me the event date but it’s best to be on the safe side, right? Meanwhile, please keep posting preview photos of your creations, tagging #gameofshrooms so that we can follow along. Come august, the world may need a world wide art show and event to reset our perspective, no? Thank you to all and please keep sending me what you are working on. What I’ve seen is fantastic.

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