240 compostable dog poop bags (unfilled)

These compostable sacks for poo are better than the ones I was previously using. They are made .

Walking my dogs, and general yard clean-up at home, tends to consume 2-4 dog poop bags a day! Ever since supermarkets started charging for bags, I have been buying my own. I started to wonder about how much plastic I was sending to the dump. Quick reading online suggested that cornstarch based bags was the way to go. Internet forums are the one source of truth.

These work for picking up poop. They are not terribly hard to open once ripped off the roll and poop stays in them until I have dropped the whole load in the trash. The bags meet US and European compostable standards: ASTM D6400 and EN13432, so they'll breakdown. You do not want to throw these into your home compost pile, however, as dog poo doesn't do well there.

PET N PET Compostable Poop Bags Dog Waste Bags Pet Clean up Bags Green Eco-Friendly, Certified By US BPI And EUR VINCOTTE.Meet ASTM 6400, EN13432, 240 Counts Certified via Amazon Read the rest