How to make those fancy geometric pies by lokokitchen

Seattle-based self-taught baker Lauren Ko of Loko Kitchen was inspired to start making her now-viral geometric pies after seeing some cool ones on Pinterest.

For Pi Day, Tasty posted this video of Ko telling her story while showing us step-by-step how she does her thing. It's so satisfying to watch, esp. that sped-up crust-weaving part.

Be sure to follow her pie-making adventures on Instagram. Since she started it in August 2017, she's gained over 150K followers, including Martha Stewart.

Here's a taste:

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Friend or foetato? 🥔| Spud redux of my pear tart with red, purple, New, and sweet potatoes (all hand-sliced because I’m a masochist and I still can’t decide on a mandolin) and melty Raclette. Carbz and cheese: the lifespud of Mondays, amirite? 🧀

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Dressed to the lines. 〰️| How else does one mow through @costco quantities of butter, flour, and sweet potatoes but with pie? Last week, I was scrounging the pantry. This week, I’m clearing house. #notsponsored, just anti-hoarding

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What’s love quat to do with it? 🍊| Chocolate tart with chocolate glaze from @epicurious tiled with tangy kumquats. With Valentine’s approaching, consider this one luxuriant way to help you say “Kumquat may, I’ll love you to my pieing day.” (Even if it’s to yourself because let’s be real, you deserve every last crumbquat.)

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This French baker cruises around delivering fresh-baked goods to boaters

Here's a guy who's found his niche market.

Out of a humble panga, there is a French baker who goes boat to boat selling his fresh-baked wares to those docked (primarily gringos) in Jalisco, Mexico's Barra de Navidad marina and lagoon area.

Chef Emeric Fiegen opened up shop, with his wife Christine, in this small laidback beach town over 15 years ago after a stint in Montreal. Early each morning, Chef Emeric still personally delivers his many breads, baguettes, croissants, pies, and quiches by boat. Not surprisingly, his pastries sell out by the time he's done making his rounds.

My friends Andrea and Nick are currently on an epic cruising adventure with their teen daughter Pari, and were lucky to sample the breakfast pastries while anchored in Barra de Navidad. Andrea told me that they've never come across a delivery service like this before on any of their many boating trips.

Here's a look at the menu. Keep in mind that those prices are in pesos and that it's currently about 18.50 pesos to the dollar:

Landlubbers, fear not, the French Bakery (aka El Horno Francés) has an onshore eatery for you in town.

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This Ketchup and Mustard cake is not cool

This Ketchup and Mustard Cake by Shared Food seems like a really bad idea unless condiments are your life, like if you're a Wienermobile Hotdogger or something. The recipe is here and, yes, it uses actual ketchup and mustard.

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Watch charming grannies smoke weed for first time in Amsterdam

In a new British TV show called A Granny's Guide to the Modern World (Channel 4), three adorable ladies ages 73, 78 and 82 try weed for the first time when they visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam. One of the weed-tenders helps them out, showing them how to use a bong, roll a joint (a job that is given to the nimble-fingered granny who is an expert embroiderer), and introduces them to one of Amsterdam's famous "space cakes."

The video says it all, but check out The Guardian for more details on who these adventurous women are and for more info about the show. Read the rest