Google could use internal surveillance tool to monitor worker dissent and labor organizing, employees warn

Workers at Google say the company is developing an internal surveillance system that could be used to monitor the behavior of employees, and thwart dissent and labor organizing.

The company says they're only trying to make it easier for workers to manage their internal Google calendars and manage meeting spam. Read the rest

Man divorces wife after catching her with another man on Google Maps

A man in Peru was recently using Google maps to figure out how to get to a bridge in Lima. He moved the camera around the city's streets, when suddenly he noticed a woman sitting on a bench who reminded him of his wife. She even wore the same type of clothes – white open blouse, jeans, black boots with heels. He then zoomed in, and lo and behold, it WAS his wife, with a man's head on her lap.

He confronted her, and yes, it was what it looked like – she had been having an affair with the man.

The couple is now divorced. Ironically, Google had taken the photo of the woman and her fellow on the Bridge of Sighs.

Via TechSpot

Image: Google Maps Read the rest