Echoing Infowars, Trump lies that 'very dishonest' U.S. press are covering up terror attacks

President Donald Trump went full Alex Jones Infowars conspiracy theory wingnut today, saying the American news media are conspiring to cover up a vast series of Islamic terrorist attacks in which innocent God-fearin' Americans have been killed.

Statements like this from authoritarian leaders are the sort of thing you hear when a regime is preparing to institute martial law. Perhaps that is where America is now headed. Hope not.

Today's wackadoodle Trump camp statement was yet another nutty lie, just like Trump's long-running racist birther campaign against President Barack Obama, whom we miss terribly, please for the love of God make this descent into national insanity stop. Read the rest

#BowlingGreenMassacre is Trump spokesliar Kellyanne Conway's latest 'alternative fact'

On the MSNBC show Hardball with Chris Matthews Thursday night, Donald Trump spokesliar Kellyanne Conway went on a weird tangent about a “massacre” she blamed on Muslims, as she defended the so-called President's racist Muslim Ban. Read the rest