Stupidest car chase ever caught on video

Idiot in car drives in circles around a supermarket parking while a cop on foot tries to shoot out the car's tires in the presence of bystanders.

I don't know who's the bigger idiot here... from r/IdiotsInCars

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Desperate fugitive commandeers and crashes multiple cars in police chase

This gentleman really didn't want to get caught. In hot pursuit by police, he keeps crashing his car, then taking other people's cars. Eventually he runs out of cars and starts running. He's stopped trying to scale a fence.

Takeaway - don't drive with your door unlocked.


UPDATE: this happened in 2014 in Denver. The driver was a kidnapping and carjacking suspect. Here's a full 54 minute video: Read the rest

Pickup truck going 115mph avoids road block by flying through the air

From Jalopnik: "An 18 year-old driving a stolen Toyota Tacoma running from the police in Webster Parish, Louisiana hit a set of spike strips going 115 mph, subsequently barreled off of the road and into a drainage ditch, launched the truck into the air and landed on a car parked at a restaurant." Read the rest

Car harpoon releases tear gas

In 1996, Finland invented, but never adopted, a harpoon device to stop drivers evading police. It latched onto a fleeing car and, if necessary, released tear gas into the car. Read the rest