Charles Darwin spent most of his day chilling out

Spending too much time at the same place doing the same thing all day is no formula for success, as Charles Darwin and many other great minds of history demonstrate. Nautilus looks at the history of highly productive slacking. Read the rest

Darwin's kids used now-priceless manuscript as scrap paper

Out of the more than 500 pages that make up the published version of On the Order of the Species, only 28 pages of Charles Darwin's original manuscript survive today. At least two of these later became scrap drawing paper for the 10 Darwin children. The picture above, a watercolor done on the backside of one page of Charles Darwin's seminal work, is believed to have been done by his son Francis. Read the rest

Vote Darwin

The Georgia congressman who called evolution "lies straight from the pit of hell" won reelection Tuesday in an uncontested race. But 4000 of his constituents managed to find a write-in candidate they could believe in — the father of evolution, who has been dead for 130 years. (Via Jennifer Ouellette) Read the rest