The sad history of Livejournal as a lens for understanding the state of social media today

Like Facebook, Livejournal was built in a bright student's dormroom; but unlike Facebook, LJ wasn't built "for nonconsensually rating the fuckability of stolen photos of undergrads," but rather as a community-minded platform for self-expression and connection-forging. Read the rest

These glasses sport film strips rescued from vintage reels

To make their truly unique Cinematiq collection, Budapest-based eyewear designer Zachary Tipton and his team looked to vintage films for inspiration. Using 16 and 35mm film sourced from "old movie theaters, TV stations and private collections," they wedged short, high-contrast scenes into the temples of the collection's eyeglass frames.

Some of the films were labeled, others were so very much of indie origin we could not even identify their genre.

We’ve literally examined miles of films frame by frame to curate the final scenes that were ready to become more than just art living in the past.

Impressively, a man known for his distinct eyewear, Sir Elton John, is one of their first clients.

I don't wear glasses (yet, anyway), but if I did, I'd have a hard time choosing between these and Vinylize, the 'groovy' ones made from vinyl records. Both kinds are produced by Tipton's team.

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Will the young'uns ruin movie history for the rest of us? Neal Gabler thinks so, I do not.

As a film geek who has been into movies, perhaps to an unhealthy degree, since childhood, reading this article by Neal Gabler at the LA Times about how the current youth generation thinks old movies are old and boring and useless really breaks my heart. But does it surprise me? Not at all. The premise of the article concerns The Amazing Spider-Man, which rebooted a franchise whose third installment hit theaters just five years ago. But in that five years, some kids might say that it was about time Spidey got a reboot -- because the other movie was "old." And I feel like Gabler only interviewed people who spoke to really stupid children. Let's explore this, shall we? Read the rest