New Captain Marvel trailer? New Captain Marvel trailer!

As you may have gathered from the headline, there's a new Captain Marvel trailer to be had. This time around, we're treated to a little more background on one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel comic book and cinematic universes.

Also, Nick Fury fucking loves kitties. Read the rest

Daniel Clowes remembers publisher Alvin Buenaventura

[I received the sad and shocking news this morning that Alvin Buenaventura died in his home in Oakland, California last week. Alvin was a publisher and promoter of cartoonists I love, including Dan Clowes and Charles Burns. He was always very helpful when I had questions about how to get in touch with a particular cartoonist, and in recent weeks he was helping me find a printer for a magazine project I'm working on. I can't believe he's gone – I was selfishly counting on Alvin to publish many more years' worth of great books and comics. Cartoonist Daniel Clowes was very close with Alvin, and considered him to be a member of his family. Here's what he wrote about Alvin. -- Mark]

Alvin Buenaventura was the most important person in my life outside my immediate family. He was, to me, among many other things, an art representative, a production assistant, an archivist, a monographer, a tireless advocate and champion, a media representative, a technical advisor, a troubleshooter; but far beyond than that, he was my dear and beloved friend, a daily, constant, essential presence in my life.

I said this to anybody who asked about the mysterious Alvin: he was inexplicable, the most singular human being I've ever met. There's nobody else in the world even remotely like him. He can't ever be replaced in any way. He was born into a nondescript suburban So. Cal. army-brat childhood that could have in no way indicated his future, magically gifted with what can only be described as a perfect eye. Read the rest