HP making a leather laptop

The HP Spectre Folio is a laptop made of leather. As in: you cannot remove the leather, because the leather is part of the case.

It's a premium ultraportable 2-in-1 with HP's Tilt Pen and 4G LTE. A 4K display option will be available, but not at launch. Prices start at $1,299. The "product exterior and outer keyboard is 100% genuine full grain leather as of 9/18/18" but it looks like corrected-grain to me, with no imperfections and a lot of homogenization. The proof will be in the patina: what will it look like after a few months of daily use?

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Pop Tarts replaces model's eyes with mouths in nightmare ad

I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

Behold my works! Corinthian Leather: the collected political nightmare photoshops. Read the rest

Corinthian Leather: the collected political nightmare photoshops

Due to infrequent but insistent requests for my unpleasant Photoshops of various politicians, I'm putting as many of them as I can remember here in one place. Sweet dreams!

I'd make a calendar but the licensing fees involved would necessitate crowdfunding it, which sounds like hard work.

There are a couple of extras here not seen before, such as Donald McNugget; and I likely missed a few too. Read the rest