Trump and Trump Jr. praise doctor who says diseases are caused by "evil deposits from the spirit husband"

Trump and Junior are urging their social media followers to heed the Covid-19 advice of Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Houston pediatrician who has determined that many diseases are caused by sex with demons and/or alien DNA. The Daily Beast reported that Dr. Immanuel "praises hydroxychloroquine and says that face masks aren’t necessary to stop transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus."

From The Daily Beast:

In sermons posted on YouTube and articles on her website, Immanuel claims that medical issues like endometriosis, cysts, infertility, and impotence are caused by sex with “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives”—a phenomenon Immanuel describes essentially as witches and demons having sex with people in a dreamworld.

“They are responsible for serious gynecological problems,” Immanuel said. “We call them all kinds of names—endometriosis, we call them molar pregnancies, we call them fibroids, we call them cysts, but most of them are evil deposits from the spirit husband,” Immanuel said of the medical issues in a 2013 sermon. “They are responsible for miscarriages, impotence—men that can’t get it up.”

In related news, Twitter penalized Junior for posting hydroxychloroquine misinformation. From The Washington Post:

Twitter said it ordered the president’s son to delete the misleading tweet and said it would “limit some account functionality for 12 hours.”

The tweet, which featured a viral video showing a group of doctors making misleading and false claims about the coronavirus pandemic, was directly tweeted by Trump Jr.‘s account. That contrasts with his father, who retweeted multiple clips of the same video to his 84.2 million followers Monday night.

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Covidiot GOP state senator hospitalized after contracting Covid-19

Arkansas GOP state senator Jason Rapert previously tweeted about "liberal quacks" who "keep spreading fear" and who are "trying to quarantine the healthy."

The infamously anti-gay senator is now posting from the hospital, after coming down with Coronavirus disease.

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A day after the NY Times runs a laudatory piece on Arizona's successful pandemic response, the state sees a surge in new cases and deaths

Yesterday, The New York Times ran an article about how the GOP governor of Arizona's limited response to the pandemic resulted in a "leveling off" of Covid-19 deaths and cases:

As the United States surpasses four million known coronavirus cases, far more than any other country, new outbreaks are sending thousands of seriously ill people to hospitals and driving a new wave of funerals. But there are also initial signs that new infections may be leveling off in some places, including in some of the worst hot spots.

That may be most visible in Arizona.

Only a few weeks ago, Arizona was leading the nation in coronavirus infections per capita, as the virus spread across many Sun Belt states that had opened quickly in late spring. Facing a mounting crisis in June, Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, reversed himself and allowed cities and counties to order residents to wear masks. He also rolled back some earlier reopenings, and directed bars, indoor gyms, water parks and movie theaters to shut down again.

About a month later, the number of patients hospitalized with the virus is starting to decline. As of Friday afternoon, Arizona was the only state where known new daily cases were decreasing, a milestone that reflected, in part, just how dire conditions had been.

But today new cases and deaths in Arizona increased sharply, as you can see by the chart above (from The Washington Post). 3,740 new cases and 144 new deaths (more than any other state including Florida) have been reported today. Read the rest

Utah grocery employee recounts mask policy drama at the store

If you've wondered what it must be like for employees working in stores and having to deal with mask-deniers while trying to enforce social distancing and mask-wearing, wonder no more.

This guy from Provo, UT has a Twitter thread of what his life has been like trying to implement a new mandatory mask-wearing policy in the grocery store he works in.

As my friend John Bergin commented: "This entire thread reads like a Thomas M. Disch novel with a dash of Kafka. Not even exaggerating."

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Here's the full video of covidiots in Huntington Beach refusing to wear a mask

These two guys went to Huntington Beach, California, and offered masks to people who weren't wearing them. One of the no-maskers said they didn't need a mask because only their god could decide their fate, another asked the two men if they were mentally incapacitated from smoking marijuana, another said the saltwater from the ocean would kill the virus, another said they didn't need a mask because they lived in Huntington Beach, another said coronavirus is a "bullshit lie," another said "It's all fake, dude," another said "that shit's a fraud, I like freedom, dawg."

Before the pandemic, I had no idea that there were so many idiots and sociopaths in the population.

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Florida reported its the biggest one-day increase in Covid-19 deaths so far

Florida Governor Ron "Rona Ronnie" DeSantis's insistence on "reopening" his state's economy has resulted in a new surge of deaths from COVID-19. On Thursday 156 people were reported dead from COVID-19 in Florida, a horrific new record for the state.

DeSantis can also brag about today's record for the highest ever reported number of hospitalizations in the Sunshine State. From

Hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19 was the highest ever reported at 8,626 currently hospitalized, up 321 in the past 24 hours, according to a state agency. (Writing by Lisa Shumaker, Editing by Franklin Paul)

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Angry folks throw an anti-mask rally in Florida, the state that just broke a Covid-19 record

There's a reason that the United States has the highest Covid-19 death toll in the world with more than 135,000 coronavirus fatalities so far. And there's a reason that Florida broke the record for highest cases of coronavirus in one day. Just take a look at this video, taken at an anti-mask rally at a restaurant in Windermere, Florida (but of course), and you'll see the broken logic that is behind "freedom" defenders' rights to spread and catch coronavirus.

Rather than give up their "freedom" by simply wearing a mask, they'd rather risk losing a bigger freedom by filling hospitals to full capacity (as they did in, er, Florida), shutting down international travel (because other countries are turning Americans away who try to enter), shutting down cities and states with a high coronavirus caseload, and obliterating our economy. With that kind of logic, Americans should be permitted the freedom to drive drunk or race cars on public streets. Read the rest

The screaming no-masker was fired from his job

Yesterday, Rob posted about a man in a Florida Costco who refused to wear a face mask and screamed and charged at a person who complained. I feel threatened!” he yelled, even though the man filming him was nowhere near him. He also screamed “Back up! Back the fuck up and put your fucking phone down!” as he charged toward the man.

The hollering gentleman has now been identified as Daniel Maples. Until yesterday he was employed by Ted Todd Insurance. His bio page on the company website said Maples “is currently the highest-producing sales agent in the company… Likes: Hot yoga, traveling, cooking and mentoring others.”

From USA Today:

By midday Tuesday, Maples' bio had been pulled from the site and the agency released a statement: It had fired Maples.

Law enforcement was not involved in the incident.

“Thank you to everyone for their comments and messages raising awareness about a former employee at Ted Todd Insurance,” the statement from Charley Todd said. “Their behavior in the video is in direct conflict with our company values and their employment has been terminated. Threatening behavior and intimidation go against our core mission to be trusted advisors in our community. We are also committed to immediately reviewing our internal existing culture at TTI.”

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'Bar Lives Matter' concert promoted by Texas bar owner to protest coronavirus restrictions

The coronavirus is thrilled to learn that a bar owner in Texas is organizing a 'Bar Lives Matter' concert to protest the state's restrictions to slow the COVID-19 outbreak. Read the rest

Los Angeles taco stand closes because maskless covidiots attacked workers

Hugo's is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. They have one on Santa Monica Blvd that Carla and I have been going to since the 1980s. There's also a Hugo's in Sherman Oaks that's been around for about 20 years, and we order takeout from it. About 15 years ago Hugo's opened two excellent taco stands, one near the Sherman Oaks restaurant. Today I read the sad news that both Hugo's taco stands had to shut down because of sociopaths who were so angry about the "no mask, no service" policy that they "screamed, cursed, and threw drinks," at employees, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Nabor Prado says Hugo’s Tacos employees have been on the front lines of the face mask controversy, KNBC reported. One man became so enraged he attacked workers.

“He got a cup of water and (threw) the water at my employee, which is unsafe and rude,” Prado said, according to the station. “It’s really sad to see grown up people doing childish things like that.”

Workers, who are mostly Latino, also have been called racial epithets by customers who have demanded refunds and thrown drinks through drive-up windows, the Los Angeles Times says.

“It’s just gotten more difficult to open every day in an environment where you’re treated with hostility and venom,” Kohne said, KTTV reported.

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The world is putting America in quarantine

"Around the world, it is beginning to sink in how profoundly rotten the United States is," writes Ryan Cooper in The Week. "Unless America manages to turn things around, it will slide from the center of the international order to a peripheral, mistrusted basketcase, and it will deserve it."

Cooper goes on to explain that the reason America has become a global pariah is the government neglected to adopt an effective containment protocol early on, and because "American public health experts spent weeks on a bizarre and scientifically illiterate crusade against masks — a study years ago found that even cheap homemade masks significantly reduce droplet-based infection — but even after plenty of new evidence has come in, Trump and most Republicans keep insisting a mask is a matter of personal choice. Instead masks got sucked into the conservative grievance industrial complex, becoming another postmodern cultural signifier for right-wingers trying to own the libs."

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'Parks and Rec' mashed up with real-life anti-maskers footage

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‪We’re officially living in a Parks and Rec episode. #WearAMask ‬

A post shared by Law ⚡ (@lawjsharma) on Jun 24, 2020 at 8:07pm PDT

Who can tell real life from sitcom fiction anymore? This mashup video combines actual footage of angry citizens ranting about mandatory mask-wearing with TV's Parks and Rec. And... it's a little too perfect. Its creator, Lawrence Jay, captioned the video, "Wear a Mask! ‪We’re officially living in a Parks and Rec episode. #WearAMask."

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The "Freedom to Breathe Agency"

Someone calling himself the FTBA (Freedom to Breathe Agency) has issued a "Face Mask Exempt Card" that appears to have been issued by the federal government for people protected by the Americans with Disability Act. But it's actually a bogus document for sociopaths who have no qualms about spreading a potentially deadly virus to others.

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Maskless troll at coffee shop has temper tantrum over BLM sign

Here's a guy who didn't like seeing a Black Lives Matter sign taped to a coffee shop window, so he refused to wear a face mask or leave the service counter and instead threw a little temper tantrum, shouting "all lives matter!? You can watch the entire 10-minute video here:

Guy loses his shit over BLM sign at a Bed-Stuy coffee shop from r/nyc

A Venn diagram of covidiots and racists makes a perfect circle.

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We strongly stand with Black Lives Matter and applaud our staff for standing up to the blinding hate that has appeared at our door. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident with this person and our priority continues to be the safety and well-being of our staff. We are overwhelmed by the generous support of our staff via our Venmo Tip Jar. The baristas that experienced this hatred will receive the tips directly. Burly will be making a contribution in support of the community we love and are thankful to be a part of. #supportbedstuy #bedfordstuyvesant #bedstuylocal #baristadaily

A post shared by Burly Coffee (@burlycoffeebrooklyn) on Jun 18, 2020 at 1:41pm PDT

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Infuriated NY shoppers scream at woman for not wearing mask

A woman who was exercising her God-given right to release a miasma of aerosolized saliva in a confined space during a deadly pandemic was shouted at by other shoppers in a New York supermarket.

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Over 40% of Republicans think Bill Gates is going to implant tracking chips through Covid vaccine

Bill Gates has designed tiny location-tracking microchips that he plans to implant into hundreds of millions of people when they get the COVID-19 vaccine. Only 26% of Republicans surveyed believe the preceding sentence is false.

From Cnet:

A conspiracy theory that Gates is planning to use a future COVID-19 vaccine to implant microchips in billions of people in order to monitor their movements has gained supporters particularly among Fox News viewers and Republicans, the survey found.

The representative survey of 1,640 US adults by YouGov for Yahoo News found that half of respondent Americans who say Fox News is their primary television news source believe the conspiracy theory. It's the largest group responding this way, followed by self-described Republicans and "Voted for Donald Trump in 2016" -- 44% of both those groups said they believed the conspiracy theory was true. Twenty-six percent of respondent Republicans said it was false, and 31% said they weren't sure.

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A restaurant worker told a man to wear a mask, so the man shot him with a gun, say police

Kelvin Watson (27) has been charged with attempted first-degree murder after police in Colorado say he shot a Waffle House cook who told him he couldn't order food without wearing a mask.

From CBS 4 Denver:

The cook said he told Watson he was not going to serve him and that he needed to leave the restaurant. Watson reportedly became very upset and slapped the cook across the face with an opened left hand, cutting his lip. The cook said he ran to the back of the restaurant and Watson followed him.

Once outside, the cook said Watson made numerous statements to the effect of “You better shut the **** up and serve me.”

That’s when Watson shot him, the cook said.

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