Homeland Security analyst filmed telling black teen girl, “You don’t deserve to be here”

This gentleman, identified as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services analyst Lee Jeffers, behaved bizarrely toward a group of teenagers who were driving a golf cart in their Florida neighborhood. Jeffers yelled at the teens, spoke in tongues, shared his extensive knowledge of US states where adults can marry teens, threatened to have the kids arrested, and told a 15-year-old black girl, "You do not deserve to be in here.”

From The Palm Beach Post:

The teen’s grandfather, Tony Nelson, spoke with The Post Tuesday about the clash. Breonna and four friends -- two boys and two girls -- were riding in a golf cart and had stopped at the neighborhood’s security gate. Almost immediately, Nelson said, a man the teens didn’t know began following them closely, almost hitting them at one point.

Frightened, the boys left the golf cart and ran, but the three girls continued walking to Breonna’s house, Nelson said.

That led to the confrontation in the Nelson family’s driveway, with the man now identified as Jeffers yelling at the teens, threatening to call the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to have them removed from the neighborhood and then denying any threat when questioned by Nelson.

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Netflix has a documentary about extremely creepy founder of Bikram Yoga

If you want to quickly find out about what kind of person Bikram Choudhury is, watch this interview, in which the yoga teacher and alleged serial rapist claims that women are begging to pay him $1,000,000 for a single drop of his sperm and that four women committed suicide because he denied them sex.

If you want to know more about Choudhury, you can watch an upcoming Netflix documentary about him, called Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator, premiering November 20, 2019.

Daily Beast has a review:

[A]t closed-off, multi-week classes held at hotels around the country, Bikram was constantly supplied Bikram with fresh new females who wanted nothing more than to earn his favor. Sexual assault—quite a lot of it, by many accounts—followed, although out of fear of being kicked out of the profession they loved, most refused to publicly speak out. Sarah Baughn changed all that, filing suit against Bikram in March 2013 for allegedly trapping her in his hotel room and forcibly trying to initiate sex. Though she was condemned and ostracized by those in Bikram’s camp, other ugly stories soon emerged, including from Larissa Anderson, who says she was raped by Bikram in his home, and from Jafa-Bodden, who sued Bikram for unlawful termination after she refused to continue being party to his predatory behavior.

Doing the guru no favors are deposition videos in which he pleads the fifth and, when speaking, curses Jafa-Bodden’s attorney Carla Minnard and admits that the four things he doesn’t like are “cold weather, cold food, cold hearts and cold pussy.”

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No one believes Prince Andrew's explanation about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

In a BBC interview, noted playboy Prince Andrew said he regrets visiting the home of of his friend Jeffrey Epstein after Epstein had been convicted for sex crimes against minors. But the reason he went to Epstein's house for four days, explains the Prince, is because he wanted to end their friendship in person. Everyone thinks this excuse, and almost everything else he says in his well-rehearsed answers, is a load of codswallop. Read the rest

Annoyed pregnant woman purposely trips little boy and gives him a concussion

Last week a four-year-old boy in China ran inside a restaurant to grab some chopsticks for his parents, and as he entered the restaurant, some plastic curtains accidentally hit a pregnant woman siting by the front door. She was not pleased. To get revenge, she waited for the boy to return, and then stuck out her foot and tripped him. Read the rest