A grim documentary examines solitary confinement

Solitary: Inside Red Onion State Prison aired last night after a successful festival run. The film is an unflinching look at life in solitary confinement at Red Onion supermax, where prisoners spend 23 hours a day or more in solitary confinement. Read the rest

Jailers watched as man arrested for unpaid traffic fine dies naked on cell floor

David Stojcevski, 32, was sentenced to 30 days in Michigan's Macomb County jail for failing to pay a traffic fine. He was addicted to drugs but the jail refused to treat him so he died. Reason reports that over the "next 17 days of his incarceration in a brightly lit cell — where he was denied clothing — he lost 50 pounds, suffered convulsions, and eventually began to hallucinate. He died in agony, from a combination of obvious, untreated drug withdrawal and galling neglect." Jailers were able to see him on a security monitor the entire time, but they simply allowed him to suffer and die.

Stojcevski’s parents are suing the county. A lawyer for Macomb county said the suit “lacks legal merit,” and the county has no plans to settle. Read the rest

Delight your friends with a coffee mug that has fake cigarette butts in it

The Gross Smoker's Prankster Mug ($(removed) on Amazon) is meant to be filled with coffee, tea, or milk, and then offered to a friend. It has a bunch of fake cigarette butts at the bottom to surprise them as they finish their beverage.

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Man ordered to pull donkey in cart

An extraordinary scene took place on Saturday last at a small village within three miles of Middleton. A half-witted fellow named James Driscott had cruelly ill-used his donkey. He was told by several of the villagers that he would be brought up before the magistrates and severely punished; but his informants said that if he consented to do penance for his inhuman conduct, no information should be laid against him. Driscott gladly agreed to the proposed terms. The donkey was placed in the cart, and its owner, with the collar round his neck, was constrained to drag his four-footed servant through the village. The scene is described by a local reporter as being the most laughter-moving one he had ever witnessed. — Illustrated Police News, Jan. 22, 1876


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