Streaming porn might not be helping the environment

If the guilt of sneaking off into the basement bathroom to watch a few porn videos on your smartphone wasn’t enough, now avid smut viewers can carry the potential concern of harming the environment.

Long gone are the days of high-grossing pornographic DVDs, and The Atlantic raises an interesting possibility that the energy required to stream such vast amounts of porn takes a larger environmental toll than pre-digital consumption.

Via the Atlantic:

Using a formula that Netflix published on its blog in 2015, Nathan Ensmenger, a professor at Indiana University who is writing a book about the environmental history of the computer, calculates that if Pornhub streams video as efficiently as Netflix (0.0013 kWh per streaming hour), it used 5.967 million kWh in 2016. For comparison, that’s about the same amount of energy 11,000 light bulbs would use if left on for a year. And operating with Netflix’s efficiency would be a best-case scenario for the porn site, Ensmenger believes.

Adult film companies suggest porn clips are being viewed at much higher rates when compared to peak DVD sales, although sales of pornography have not been typically archived as a whole in the industry, and the same goes for “accurate” streaming data.

It’s an unusual thought that an industry forced to move to the digital age might be more damaging to the environment than its previous manufacturing and distribution methods.

Ensmenger "agrees that the numbers are nebulous at best," according to The Atlantic. "But like Dines, he still thinks these questions are worth asking, even if only to raise awareness that internet porn does take an environmental toll." Read the rest

Report from CES in 1997: Among the Sex Machines

I was an editor at Wired from 1993 - 1998. In 1997, I went to CES in Las Vegas and reported on the Adult Video Exhibition there.

"Customization" and "control" are the buzzwords at this year's Adult Video Exhibition, the part of CES held at the Sands Convention Center and practically throbbing with loud music, laughter, squeals of joy, and whoops of glee.

At the Pixis booth on Friday, a man is demonstrating a new CD-ROM game called UltraVixen. With a slick Japanese anime look, UltraVixen pits a "beautiful, innocent college student" (who looks all of 14 in her schoolgirl uniform) against a "sex fiend overlord" who "tortures and enslaves young girls in his maniacal mechanical machines," the product flyer states. While the stated goal of UltraVixen is to "destroy the sex machines forever," oddly enough, the player is also the controller of the torture devices, which include a flame thrower aimed at the woman's breasts, nipple pinchers and pullers, a large penetrating piston, and a hypodermic syringe filled with some kind of green liquid. (You can shove a robotic ball gag into her mouth to stifle her screaming if you prefer to torture her in silence.) "There's some sick stuff," says the demonstrator happily. "Look, her eyes are watering!"

Over at Digital Playground, Dave and Tammy tell me about their latest CD-ROMs. "The new generation of CDs are about interacting with a virtual girl," says Dave. "The first adult CDs were much more limited - you could maybe pick a choice, but in these CDs you can make the girl actually do something." Read the rest