Debbie Harry debunks the debunking of her brush with serial killer Ted Bundy: “It was him.”

In Debbie Harry’s gripping new memoir Face It, she sets the story straight about the night she got into the car of serial killer Ted Bundy.

Her story factors into the painting by Robert Williams, “Debbie Harry’s Fears,” which the two discuss together in a short video.

It happened in Manhattan during her pre-Blondie years, in the mid-1970s. Debbie was walking cross-town, alone, around 2:00 a.m. on the way to a party for the New York Dolls. She couldn’t find a cab, her shoes weren’t made for walking, and a polite, nice-looking guy slowed his car beside her and offered her a ride. She claims to have never been one to hitchhike “not even during the hippie years,” but she was desperate. And he didn’t seem weird.

She recalls a white car with a stripped interior, which included the removal of the passenger seat interior door handles. Photos of Bundy’s car track with her claim, but her story had been previously debunked, because supposedly Bundy was in Florida at that time, not New York.

After a valiant escape fit for an action movie, she eventually dismissed the experience. “I had not though about that night for maybe fifteen years,” she writes in Face It. Until she happened across a magazine article about the execution of Ted Bundy, and saw his photo. In the story, Bundy’s revealed his M.O. to the journalists who covered his death sentence, and Harry claims what Bundy told them was exactly what happened to her. Read the rest

Debbie Harry and Joan Jett anchor the apocalyptic news for Blondie's 'Doom or Destiny' music video

Last year, when 45 was elected to office, Amanda Palmer told The Guardian that "frightening political climates make for really good, real, authentic art," and that "Donald Trump is going to make punk rock great again."

Well, she was right.

Blondie's new music video for its song "Doom or Destiny" is a great example. It features Debbie Harry and Joan Jett as cunt mug-carrying anchors for news of the "impending apocalypse:"

Described by Debbie Harry as, “The most openly political video Blondie has ever done,” the cut and paste punk tribute was directed by friend of the band Rob Roth and inspired by the current state of the world. “In trying times we try harder,” adds Blondie co-founder Chris Stein, “politics have become the new pop culture phenomena."...

As well as endless feminist slogans and an appearance from a familiar-looking sock puppet President, a delightful weather report for the rest of December includes soaring temperatures coinciding with an asteroid impact on the 29th, seven plagues on the 30th and thermonuclear war in time for NYE, before things spiral into total nuclear winter with lows of -27 before we steadily move into a state of post history. Oh well. Nasty women unite!

The song is from Blondie's most recent album, Pollinator.

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Debbie Harry's awesome T-shirts

I agree with Shane Glines. Debbie Harry wore the greatest T-shirts the world has ever known. Read the rest