The Polygonia Design Suite, a web app for easily creating symmetrical, repeating patterns and designs

David Kaufman wanted to create a design tool that would make it easy to create repeating patterns that could be used in laser-cut (or other CNC or 3D printable) designs. The result is the Polygonia Design Suite. This free web-based app allows you to draw a few lines, and the Polygonia software clones and mirrors those lines to create your design. You can then save your design to your desktop as an image or vector drawing. From there, the design is ready to use or you can continue working on it within your favorite design software.

On the development of the project, David writes:

I have been working on a project to make it easy to create symmetrical patterns for laser cutting. It all started in May 2017 when I visited the Smithsonian Museum, in Washington, DC, where I saw an exhibit by an artisan from Afghanistan who made wood panels or screens of triangles, hexagons, and squares. I wanted to make my own using the laser cutter at my local makerspace, Nova Labs. So I got out a pad of paper, brushed off my high school math skills, and got to work. My goal was to create an online app that generates a symmetrical pattern based on the lines I draw, calculates the intersections of the lines, connects the lines, and generates a vector output file that I could use on a laser cutter.

The program is fun to play around with, doodling designs, whether you plan to render them out in the real world or not. Read the rest has designed cards to 'spark creativity and collaboration', the nonprofit sister branch of global design firm IDEO, has created a pack of 32 cards to "spark creativity and collaboration."

The deck is called the Design Kit Travel Pack and it's selling like gangbusters over at Kickstarter.

They write:

As designers, we believe any problem can be solved with the right mix of empathy, creativity, and experimentation, and we’ve used that recipe countless times over the past six years to design products and services that have reached more than 5 million people—from low-cost solar lanterns in Kenya to teen-friendly health clinics in Nigeria.

Now we want to put our design tools in the hands of problem-solvers everywhere, and we need your help. Building on the success of our Design Kit learning platform, we’re creating the Travel Pack—a brand new set of bite-sized design exercises to help anyone solve big challenges...

Gathered from our years of experience designing solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges, the exercises in the Travel Pack are divided into three sections designed to help you get inspired, take creative risks, and test your ideas in the real world, no matter what you’re working on.

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