Man "driving around a college campus without pants" arrested

A 23-year-old South Carolina man was arrested Saturday after being seen driving around the campus of Winthrop University without any pants.

Campus police were called before 8 p.m. Saturday after two students in a dorm looking out of their window saw a man in a car without any pants on, Yearta said. Winthrop officers arrested him and issued a no trespass notice that bans him from being able to be anywhere on the college campus, Yearta said.

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Oklahoma public school allows Navajo student to wear moccasins at graduation

After initially denying Liseanna Yazzie's request to wear ceremonial Navajo moccasins during her commencement, the Salpulpa Public Schools have changed their mind.


After initially being denied the chance to wear her ceremonial Native America moccasins, one senior is now being allowed to attend her graduation ceremony with the Navajo moccasins.

Last week, Liseanna Yazzie spoke with 2 Works for You a bout how she was denied her request to wear the ceremonial Navajo moccasins during her commencement ceremony. Yazzie was told that the ceremonial shoes “did not meet the dress code” because they hit at the calf of her leg.

Originally Sapulpa Public Schools stood by its decision, but now, the school is prepared to bend the rules for Yazzie.

In a statement sent out Sapulpa Public Schools says, “After careful consideration and reflection Sapulpa Public Schools has decided to make an exception to previous restrictions regarding footwear. Native American clothing, especially ceremonial attire (as in this case), can and should be considered appropriate for inclusion in our graduation exercises.”

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Principal forces high school girl to kneel so he can check if her skirt is too short

One wonders what was going through the mind of Edmonson County High School Principal Tommy Hodges when he ordered a teenage girl to get on her knees so he could measure her dress length. The Kentucky school has a dress code requiring skirts to end no more than six inches above the knee.

Amanda said she felt “embarrassed” and “humiliated” by having to kneel on the ground, especially with her mom and dad watching.

“I didn’t really appreciate having to get down on my knees, especially while I was in a dress,” she said.

She said the first time Hodges measured her, she was in dress code, with 5 inches. However, she said Hodges then made her walk across the room with her hands up and kneel back down, to check if her dress would ride up. She said her dress was then 8 inches above the knee, and she went home because she was “technically” out of code.

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The sexist double standard of summer dress codes

Chelsea Cristene penned this fantastic essay last summer, but its message is just as pertinent this year. Read the rest