Tea party exemplar Josh Duggar is being sued for roughing up a woman

Beloved reality TV star and noted child molester Josh Duggar is idolized as a cherished paragon of traditional family values by presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and other social conservatives. The Tea Party darling is now being sued for half a million dollars by a woman he paid to have sex with. Read the rest

TV's 'Law & Order: SVU' takes on The Duggars

The popular television series “Law & Order: SVU” will present its semifictionalized spin on the Duggar family of “19 Kids and Counting” and pedophilia impunity fame. Read the rest

Network cancels 19 Kids TV show after child sexual abuse revelations

Under threat of an advertiser mutiny, TLC announced today that it was canceling its popular reality television show 19 Kids and Counting, which starred a conservative Christian family. TLC suspended the show in May after it came to light that one of the stars of the show, Josh Duggar had molested a number of very young girls, including his sisters, when he was 14-15 years old.

The latest season of “19 Kids and Counting” concluded two days before Josh Duggar’s May 21 apology. But TLC still had reruns on its schedule until the May 22 announcement that the show was being pulled indefinitely.

Then came the advertiser exodus, with more than 20 brands publicly declaring that they had no interest in advertising with “19 Kids and Counting” in the future.

The Duggars’ TLC reality show ’19 Kids and Counting’ is officially canceled Read the rest

Christian co-author of Mike Huckabee books accused of child molestation. Twice.

Prominent Christian author John Perry was accused of sexually abusing kids in two lawsuits.

Duggars hired Huckabee’s political guru to manage PR for Josh's sexual molestation scandal

The power connections between the Duggar family and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee run deep.

Sisters of serial child molester Josh Duggar: when he molested us, he was “very sly”

The Duggar sisters defend their brother Josh’s molestation of them, but say he was ‘very sly.’ Seriously: what the hell, America. Read the rest

Creepy fashion tips from the Duggars’ Christian homeschool cult curriculum

Eye traps. “Yo, my countenance is up here!” Nope, this is not weird or horrible at all. Read the rest

Duggar parents explain how women defraud by the way they dress

In this page from the 2011 book, A Love That Multiplies: An Up-Close View of How They Make It Work authors Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar explain how young women who wear clothing that "excites" a "man's physical drives" are defrauders.

Nice bit of slut shaming there. Read the rest