Your phone is a crimewave in your pocket, and it's all the fault of greedy carriers and complicit regulators

Insider attacks, cell-site simulators, SIM-swap attacks, thriving markets in super-cheap, fine-grained location data, robocalls, fictitious coverage maps, and more: does the fact that all this terrible shit keeps happening, and only gets worse, mean that mobile companies and the FCC just don't give a fuck if your mobile phone is a crime wave you carry around with you on your pocket? Read the rest

Automated reception kiosks are a security dumpster fire

Hannah Robbins and Scott Brink, two student interns at IBM division X-Force Red set out to study potential vulnerabilities in sign-in reception kiosks, found at many offices and retailers, and discovered 19 bugs in kiosks from industry leaders Jolly Technologies, HID Global, Threshold Security, Envoy, and The Receptionist (the vendors say they have now patched these bugs). Read the rest