Elizabeth Warren already has a dog

Senator Warren doesn't need Mike Pence, she has a dog. Read the rest

Elizabeth Warren on marriage equality

Senator Warren gave this very clear answer at CNN's LBGTQ town hall.

It is wonderful that candidates can now clearly answer questions about the right to marry and the legal protections it offers without the waffling of yesteryear. Read the rest

Once again Senator Warren's stories check out, her critics' do not

While young and pregnant Elizabeth Warren lost her job as a school teacher. Right-wing critics are using this true story to create doubt and distrust about everything she says.


Warren confirmed this timeline to CBS News in an interview Monday: "All I know is I was 22 years old, I was six months pregnant, and the job that I had been promised for the next year was going to someone else. The principal said they were going to hire someone else for my job."

If anything, these new details make Warren's story more touching, since she lost a job that she had good reason to believe was hers for at least another year.

It's easy to see why Warren's story about her first pregnancy sticks in the craws of those who resent her recent rise in the polls. Warren uses this story both to position herself as a relatable candidate who understands the challenges of everyday Americans, but also to showcase the talents that allowed her to rise above those humble beginnings — talents, she suggests, that will help her lead the country during difficult times. So it's not surprising that Republicans, and even some on the left who prefer another primary candidate — judging from social media, mostly supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders — would want to take this story away from her.

Sadly, as Vox's David Roberts pointed out on Twitter, this debunking won't stop right-wing media from continuing to repeat these baseless accusations against Warren as if they were fact.

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Strong fundraising shows Sen. Warren's continued surge

Continuing to gain in the polls, Senator Elizabeth Warren raised $24.6 for Q3 fundraising, coming in slightly behind Senator Sanders and cruising past former Vice-President Biden in their campaigns for US President.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren finished the third quarter raising $24.6 million, her campaign announced Friday.

The total haul puts her just behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, who brought in over $25 million, and ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden’s $15 million.

For Warren, the successful quarter is the latest sign that she is surging, not just in the polls, but in the fundraising game, toward front runner Biden. In some of the recent voter surveys, she’s either tied or gone ahead of the former vice president. Biden’s fundraising also trailed that of South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who raked in $19.1 million in the quarter.

Senator Warren's campaign also sent dinner to the Sanders organization on the evening their candidate was hospitalized with chest pain and underwent emergency heart surgery. Read the rest

Warren campaign works to unseat Senator Collins of Maine

Democrats wresting control of the US Senate from the Republicans will be immensely important in the coming election. Senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign for President is investing resources to help defeat Susan Collins of Maine, most recently famous for her support of putting an accused sexual abuser on the Supreme Court.

Daily Beast:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) presidential campaign is putting resources into Maine, where it hopes to help unseat Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in one of the most high-profile Senate races of this cycle.

A new memo sent to supporters on Tuesday from Warren’s campaign manager Roger Lau details a series of investments on state directors and organizers for states that vote and caucus in March. The campaign, Lau writes, is devoting these resources not just to boost Warren ahead of primary voting but to assist Democrats in marquee Senate, House, and state legislative contests in 2020. Among the target list Lau offered was Maine, where Collins is facing a number of potential Democratic challengers including Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon.

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Warren calls for end to the Electoral College

US Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren supports directly electing the United States President and ending the electoral college.

Make all votes equal. Read the rest

Senate investigates Wells Fargo retaliations against whistleblowers

One after another, ex-Wells Fargo employees have come forward to reveal that when they blew the whistle of millions of frauds committed against the bank's customers, the bank's management fired them and blackballed them from the banking industry for life, by falsifying claims of wrongdoing on a semi-secret list of corrupt bankers that is consulted by the industry before they make new hires. Read the rest