NBA star presents stellar example of "How to support your LGBTQ+ child"

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, NBA player Dwyane Wade discussed how he and his wife support and empower their teenaged child Zaya.

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Devastating remix of Ellen's lecture on befriending George W. Bush disappears after copyright takedown ... then reappears in force

Ellen DeGeneres's friendship with ex-President George W. Bush became controversial this week, in light of the progressive values she claims and the 600,000 corpses left by his occupation of Iraq. She delivered a monologue on her show in response, casting their friendship as an example of civility, overcoming political differences, and having "faith in America". So Rafael Shimunov added a simple backdrop of Iraq war scenes to her monolog, in the hopes DeGeneres might better understand the complaints. In response, copyright takedown notices flew and it was removed from the 'net, so it is at least getting under her skin.

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Get a taste of Demetri Martin's observational humor in this 'Ellen' clip

I recently caught Demetri Martin's latest comedy special on Netflix and loved it. I loved it so much that, while watching it, I started texting friends to tell them I thought they'd love it. I don't know if they listened, so now I'm telling you.

Watch this Ellen clip to get a sampling of that special. It's like a five-minute 'best of' reel. I think you'll love it but no hard feelings if you don't.

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Rescued Thai cave boys appear on Ellen to give their first post-incident interview

It's been a little over three months since the 12 boys and their soccer coach were rescued from a Thai cave. On Monday, Ellen DeGeneres had all 13 of them, plus a translator, on her show to give their first interview after their frightening incident.

They report that they are all healthy and fine. Ellen had them recount their 10-day-long experience in the cave and discovered that meditation was key in keeping them all calm while they were trapped underground.

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Ellen surprises 'Walmart yodeling kid' with a spot on the Grand Ole Opry stage

Eleven-year-old Mason Ramsey has been getting a lot of attention since a video of him yodeling recently went viral. At the end of last month, he performed Hank Williams Sr.'s "Lovesick Blues" for a crowd gathered inside a Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois and someone posted the video online (which has since been picked up by ViralHog):

This week, Mason was invited to be a guest on Ellen. The midwestern boy showed up in fancy western duds and when Ellen asked why he performs in a Walmart, he explained, "Well, because, that's the only store we've got." The Harrisburg store where he performed in the video is about 30 miles from his hometown of Golconda.

He also told Ellen that he dreamed of performing at the Grand Ole Opry someday.

After performing a song on the show, Ellen told him that she snagged him a place on the Grand Ole Opry stage this Saturday. Needless to say, he was thrilled.

It looks like he goes on right after Ricky Skaggs:

Oh yeah, people from all over have been recreating Mason's viral moment:

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There's a "Weird Al" Yankovic remix of Portugal. The Man's "Feel it Still"

If I had a hit pop song that was fresh off a Grammy win, I would follow Portugal. The Man's lead and do all the things.

First, I'd want to perform on Ellen like they just did. But that's not big enough, I'd also want to bring the USC Marching Band onstage with me, like they did Thursday.

Then, just because I could, I would get "Weird Al" Yankovic to performing a rousing remix of my Grammy-winning song, like they just did with "Feel it Still."

Then I'd continue touring with my new album, like they are with "Woodstock." 'Cause: "Go big or go home."

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Bill Gates attempts to guess the prices of everyday grocery items

Microsoft founder Bill Gates admittedly hasn't been in a supermarket in a long time, so when Ellen put him up to estimating the prices of some pretty typical grocery store items, he was hilariously lost. Particularly watch the look of pity Ellen gives at the 1:12 mark when the billionaire guesses that a container of Tide Pods is only four dollars.

With a lot of help from the audience, Bill was able to get the price right (within a dollar) of three items. Because of his "win," that audience will return for Ellen's popular "12 Days of Giveaways" segment.

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