Canada's new Liberal majority: better than the Tories, still terrible for the Internet

Justin Trudeau is certainly an improvement on outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He's unlikely to go on burning Canada's archives and warring on its scientists, and he'll probably stop ignoring the murder of hundreds of aboriginal women and girls, and he's not a racist asshole who plays to other racist assholes to keep power. Read the rest

John Oliver on the Canadian election: NAILED IT!

Just in time for election day, the best show on late-night TV reports on the decade-long reign of error from Stephen Harper's Conservative Party, and finishes on a note of surreal triumph. Read the rest

Every terrible thing Canada's Stephen Harper government has done in the past four years

Dave writes: "Boing Boing has been nice enough to post my past yearly round-ups of terrible deeds done by Canada's Conservative Government. Here is the round-up of the round-ups. My summary of all of the bad things that have happened over the last four years. Read the rest

The best Canadian political ad of the season mashes up Bob Dylan and Chanie Gorkin

In the pending Canadian federal election, Matt Masters Burgener is running against the incumbent war-criminal, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He conceived of a spectacular campaign ad that plays on the idea that he's a longshot Read the rest