Make your own M.C. Escher-style metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis Machine generates tessellating art in the style of M.C. Escher. It's a companion to an online documentary about his life and work built around an interactive, high-resolution image of Metamorphosis II, the print that established his fame.

Here's mine, metamorphosing a five-pointed star into the Cool S. Read the rest

Design firm reveals new MC Escher wallpaper

MC Escher's mind-bending works will soon be available as fancy wallpaper, thanks to a collaboration with Escher's estate and Italian design firm Jannelli & Volpi. Read the rest

MC Escher's "Relativity" recreated in Star Wars Lego, with many in-jokes and grace-notes

Paul Vermeesch, a Lego jedi, created this loving tribute to MC Escher's Relativity, with innumerable grace-notes and sly in-jokes. It's living proof of the progress of Lego: ten years ago, I blogged Lego/Escher mashups of much less ambition.

Six months in the making, I present my largest creation to date: a 1x1x1 foot model of M.C. Escher's print "Relativity" reenacted in the Lego Star Wars theme. A far larger, cleaner, and more detailed rehashing of my 2010 version, this diorama is fully lit from the inside, presents the original Star Wars trilogy in a roughly counterclockwise format, and even features a minifig-scale theatre in the back which plays Lego's CG version of the Star Wars saga. Enjoy!

I attempted to stay as true as possible to the geometry and proportions of Esher's work, while bringing in the colors, worlds, and characters of Star Wars, and the freshness of the Lego medium. Unlike my first version of this concept, this diorama was not built solely for the finished replication photograph. This diorama has many details and scenes not completely visible in the finished picture. Take a look at some of these scenes and details below!

Star Wars Relativity V2

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Escher's "Relativity" in Minecraft

Bergenco recreated MC Escher's 1951 House of Stairs Relativity using Minecraft, saying it took: "5 or 6 hours over 2 days. The sandstone room took the longest."

Relativity- by M. C. Escher

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Photo: Escher painting refracted in a drop of falling water

Reddit's Smsilton took this incredible 60mm macro shot of an iconic MC Escher painting being refracted through a drop of falling water, and documented the process:

Yeah I used the Canon 60mm macro f/2.8. I shot at ISO 640 and 1/250. It took about 150ish shots to get that one, ~2 hours. The hardest part was focusing, in the set up picture I posted in the first comment you can see a piece of string above the eye dropper. I would let that hang down off the eye dropper and focus on that, then move it and squeeze the dropper and the shutter at almost the same time. I have like 30ish more pictures with the drop clearly in the shot but the sketch behind it isn't in focus, this was the clearest one I got.

Water drop falling in front of an MC Escher sketch, I took this pic (

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