You must hear this rapturous, pastoral and unique game score

Jessica Curry's unforgettable compositions for Everybody's Gone to the Rapture would have topped the UK classical charts this week—but were removed for being an OST (Harry Potter music still allowed, though?). Appreciate this vivid, atmospheric soundtrack anyway.

Could this beautiful game signal the end of our dystopia fetish?

Over the past decade or so, gritty, apocalyptic worlds were the favored setting of popular video games, and machinelike cyber-dystopias were a reliable aesthetic before that. But No Man's Sky, a highly-anticipated upcoming world, is infinite and hopeful. Read the rest

Cheers, sorry, it's the very British end of the world

Apocalyptic landscapes are beloved to video games, lonesome, evocative worlds that ask players to make much of little—to scour the earth in search of survival, resources and heroism. Something about failed civilization enchants players who might be longing for an escape from the often-ruthless order of life. Read the rest