Claude Shannon, MOOCs, and nanoassembly: what 3D printing is really about

Neal Gershenfeld, founder of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, has been talking about making digital things physical and physical things digital longer than almost anyone, and his books -- notably FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop -- are visionary and inspirational ways to think about how information technology has changed our species' relationship with the universe; while the Fab Labs he helped invent represent the best and most thoughtful way that a makerspace can be built to suit local community needs. Read the rest

Documentary on fablabs around the world

Jerry sez, "Jens Dyvik traveled the world over last 2 years, visiting fablabs and sharing the joy of making stuff... with lasers, CNC machines, etc. He shot a lot of video and has pulled together a very nice 42min summary 'Making Living Sharing'.

I watched the full video this evening and it is terrific. (I am a bit embarrassed by the mess of my garage shop, especially when compared with the FabLabs in the show)

I heartily recommend this to anyone interested in Makers, FabLabs, 3dPrinting, CNC routers, laser cutters, etc. - Design Global, Build Local."

Making Living Sharing - Jens Dyvik's documentary of his world tour of fab labs

(Thanks, Jerry) Read the rest