Nathan Fillion guest stars in Gravity Falls

The nerdy stars have aligned. Nathan Fillion has a guest spot on Gravity Falls, so basically we can all just hold our breaths and pray for the Firefly reference that's hopefully forthcoming. Read the rest

Space shuttle left astronauts vulnerable to Reaver attacks

It's been a good week for pedantry. In a guest blog post at Scientific American, Kyle Hill discusses the durability of spaceship windows — both in the real world, and in Joss Whedon's movie Serenity. Spaceship windows have to be incredibly tough, because even tiny chips of paint become dangerous projectiles in space. But how would they stand up to frontal attack by a spear? Physics has the answers. Read the rest

Attention Browncoats: Get ready to squee over this 10th anniversary poster

Fans of the cult TV series Firefly may not ever get their wish of having the show come back to the air, but they do have nostalgia! Geek swag purveyor Quantum Mechanix is currently offering up a 10th anniversary poster by graphic designer -- and Browncoat -- Jeff Halsey, who created the design after watching the series for the twelfth time:

"[Firefly] taps into the themes of freedom and creating a family that really resonate with me," says Jeff. "The show may have been short-lived, but the 'Verse will live on. I feel this poster is a reminder of that feeling and is a love letter to my favorite show."

September 20, 2002 marked the premiere of the "American space western" on Fox, which canceled the show after just 14 episodes. But fans have not let the show end up forgotten, as evidenced by their persistent presence on the internet. Look, Firefly was a groovy show, but if that had run for 10 years, do you think Joss Whedon would have made us The Avengers? Or Cabin in the Woods, for that matter? Okay, I'm sorry. That was rude of me.

The poster, which measures 27" by 40", is currently available for pre-order at Quantum Mechanix. Posters begin shipping September 20. Read the rest