TV weatherman uses his green lawn as a green screen

A clever meteorologist in Austin was able to give the weather report from his backyard, because his lawn is so lush that it doubles as a green screen! See the footage at CNN.

(Neatorama, Reddit)

screengrab via Reddit

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The internet is having a field day with the Queen's "green screen" dress

In a live broadcast Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II spoke about the coronavirus situation. It was a serious and reassuring speech. But, she wore a green dress, a green-screen-green dress. The internet, starting with Peter Chiykowski, took it from there.

One commenter quipped that the dress was the Queen's "'Easter egg' to provide entertainment to the quarantined masses." Unlikely, but fun to think about.


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Tattoo by Roy Rowlett of Mama Tried Tattoo Parlour in Louisville, Ky.

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