Engineer shows off her awesome mechanical dinosaur costume

Esmée Kramer is student in network and systems engineering.

A fun look at how Pixar celebrates Halloween

This cute animated short looks at Pixar's in-house Halloween culture — from the crazy costumes their employees wear to the unbelievably cool and completely unconventional prizes they receive for wowing the judges at the annual lunchtime contest. Pixar's Halloween Celebration emcee Michael Frederickson narrates the piece and says, "At Pixar, we take not being serious […]

'Pair of Jorts' and other awesomely-fake Halloween costumes

Obvious Plant wins the droplifting game this year with these fake costumes he left on a Halloween store's shelf somewhere.

Roundup of the dumbest Halloween costumes of 2016

Here's a small sampling of the dozens of Halloween costumes posted for the purpose of ridicule on io9.

Be future Marty McFly this halloween

One of the wackiest, most fun movie predictions of the future came from Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future Part II. The film took 80s trends and cast them forward perfectly! I've often felt ripped off that Marty McFly's polychromatic hat and awesome light up sneakers were never part of every day fashion. While the […]