Italian food from Trader Joe's Disappoints Italians, as you'd expect

When you're eating "Italian" food from Trader Joe's, wishing it was a nosh from Commerciante Giuseppe's... Read the rest

Making your own pasta is stupid easy

Given that I started a keto diet last weekend, I couldn;t have stumbled across this video at a worse time (farewell, carbs. I knew thee well.)

But just because I can only stare at this video longingly doesn't mean that you can't partake. Read the rest

Olive Garden now serving Italian nachos

They're not called "Italian nachos" on the menu, but make no mistake, Olive Garden's "Loaded Pasta Chips" are nachos. This new $8.49 dish has a base of lightly-fried "homemade pasta chips" (which a writer at Foodbeast says are "actual pieces of lasagna"). Layered on top of those chips is a three-meat sauce, a medley of Italian cheeses, and cherry peppers. This questionable culinary creation is then ladened with a creamy "Alfredo drizzle." Wait, are there jalapenos too? Read the rest