Things cats hate: Christmas bonnets

Some new vending machines in Japan are now dispensing "Cute Cute Cat Christmas-chan headgear," a set of holiday bonnets for cats, in plastic toy capsules, according to SoraNews24:

As with all capsule toy offerings, the exact model you get is randomized. Luckily, with only four designs in total you’ve got a pretty decent chance of getting the design you want, and honestly, they’re all pretty cute, without a single dud in the mix...

At 500 yen (US$4.50) a pop, they’re just a little more expensive than average for capsule toys, but still cheap enough to make a great stocking stuffer for your animal housemates or pet-owning friends.

While it's fine to appreciate these incredibly cute product photos and imagine our own felines dressed up à la "Cute Cute Cat Christmas-chan," I think we can all agree that cats. hate. things. on. their. head.

Still... I'd buy one of each if I had the chance.

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Cough drop-flavored Kit Kats

Just when you think they can't make foods any weirder, out comes an unusual crossbreed: a cough reliever/candy bar.

SoraNews24 reports:

Called Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji, which translates to Kit Kat Cough Drop Flavour, this new chocolate actually delivers a dose of 2.1 percent throat lozenge powder in every serving...

Accompanying the unique release is some equally unusual packaging which features the image of Yasutaro Matsuki, a former national soccer player and manager who’s also well-known for his work as a soccer commentator. His enthusiastic commentary acts as the perfect inspiration for the sweet, which has been designed to support Asahi TV sports broadcasts while helping to soothe the throats of supporters as they cheer for the Japanese soccer team.

Each box, which contains three individually wrapped Kit Kats, features an image of Matsuki yelling out “It’s one more point! Another point!!” alongside a slogan that reads “There’s a battle there that most definitely can’t be lost”, as a nod to the fact that Kit Kat is pronounced “Kitto Katsu” in Japan, which literally translates to “Surely Win”.

If you want to get one, better hurry. The cough drop-flavored Kit Kat is only available until September 5th, and only in Japan.

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Ferris wheel karaoke now exists

Starting on August 1, select visitors riding Tokyo Dome City's Big-O Ferris wheel will be able to sing their hearts out as they swing (rock?) high above Tokyo. The Japanese entertainment complex has added karaoke to eight of the Ferris wheel's 40 air-conditioned passenger cabins. Riders have fifteen minutes to belt out songs from the 50-song playlist which includes The Beatles' "Let it Be," and Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Bloggers from SoraNews24 checked it out and report:

As the wheel lifted the men upwards they kicked things off with “Love You Only” by Tokio. Even for these two schlubs it turned out to be surprisingly fun. For some reason, the upward motion seemed to raise the energy as well. This is a sensation you cannot find in any karaoke box or bar.

And as their gondola reached the apex so too did their singing reach a climax. Singing so high up and alone was exhilarating, and even when singing songs for the first time, our boys were belting the lyrics out powerfully like a pair of peckish Pavarottis.

So surprisingly not only was karaoke on a Ferris wheel not a misfire, it turned out that the combination was even greater than the sum of its parts. The two amusements accentuated each other in ways they never could have imagined.

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