There's a new Katamari Damacy title for the Nintendo Switch: Reroll

"Katamari" is the Japanese word for "clod" or "lump," and people familiar with the Katamari Damacy video game franchise know that the object is to created a giant clod of stuff by rolling it around like a snowball, picking up increasingly larger objects over time.

Reroll is a new Katamari Damacy game for the Nintendo Switch and it looks like fun. I'm going to get it and I'll let you know what I think.

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Every item in Katamari Damacy, Tweeted

It seems like you can't possibly count every single detailed dollhouse object in the well-loved Katamari Damacy, but someone is trying—and the item descriptions are even funnier than you remember.

Katamari Damacy creator's new game is about blowing up your friends

A lot of games are about explosions, but rarely is it this joyful and whimsical to make people explode.