Every item in Katamari Damacy, Tweeted

It seems like you can't possibly count every single detailed dollhouse object in the well-loved Katamari Damacy, but someone is trying—and the item descriptions are even funnier than you remember.

Katamari Damacy creator's new game is about blowing up your friends

A lot of games are about explosions, but rarely is it this joyful and whimsical to make people explode.

Wattam, new game from Katamari Damacy creator, is about connections

You might know artist and designer Keita Takahashi for his iconic, idiosyncratic Katamari Damacy (previously). Last year, he joined Funomena to work with longtime friend and Journey producer Robin Hunicke on a brand-new game.

At Sony's PlayStation Experience event this weekend, Takahashi presented the first trailer for that PlayStation 4 game, called Wattam, which introduces a cube-like "mayor" character.

"The idea for this game came from when Keita was playing with his two-year old son, and wondered about what if all toys lived, and connected by themselves?" Hunicke writes. The word "Wattam" is derived from the Tamil and Japanese words for "making a circle" or "making a loop," as Takahashi worked with his friend Vikram on the project.

"This new word acknowledges one of the game’s core inspirations: making connections between different types of things," says Hunicke. Read the rest