Cloud City Soundtrack is your new favorite Star Wars comedy pop-punk band

When he's not playing drums for bands like Motion City Soundtrack and Tiny Stills, Tony Thaxton hosts a number of wacky podcasts — including a series of weekly Star Wars comedy music videos. Over the course of two years, Thaxton cranked out more than 100 Star Wars-themed songs under the name "Cloud City Soundtrack." While he's finally burnt-out on Tibana gas and has moved onto other Patreon projects, he has released a "best of" Cloud City Soundtrack compilation on BandCamp, with 19 songs featuring fan favorites such as Lando, Greedo, and Admiral Ackbar, as well as some deeper cuts into Star Wars lore like Bor Gullet and Ric Olié.

And honestly the songs are just delightful in that Weird Al-kinda way, so it's absolutely worth a listen.

Star Wars Songs by Cloud City Soundtrack

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LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder with Dak, Luke and Lando

I have to have this LEGO Snowspeeder kit from Empire Strikes Back. The snowspeeder is cool but oh, the minifigs!

Lando Calrissian, Star Wars very own Fernando Lamas, is proudly offered with a Star Wars LEGO 20th Anniversary stand. Dax, one of the least appreciated Rebels, also is featured. Dax is the dude who successfully harpoons an AT-AT for Luke, then dies.

The Snowspeeder was always a weird one to me. Why not just use the attack space craft? The AT-AT is useful in lots of places.

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